Consumerism in health care is about creating an environment where consumers are engaged and educated about healthcare costs and allowed to make cost-effective choices that support their wellbeing.

Building Healthcare Confidence A 12-Part Podcast Series

Mark Gaunya explains how “Bend The Healthcare Trend” can help to create and implement a successful Consumer Driven Health Plan Strategy.

Bend The Healthcare Trend By Mark S. Gaunya & Jennifer A. Borislow

Bend the Healthcare Trend 2nd Edition

Health insurance is expensive because healthcare is expensive. A disturbing value equation is formed when consumers are isolated from the actual cost of healthcare. Every healthcare consumer is personally responsible for a small portion of our country’s total healthcare spending, and individual users have the power to turn this troubling value equation around.

When consumers are engaged and educated about healthcare costs, total spending slows down, reducing the rate of healthcare inflation. This translates into savings for both consumers and employers.

Bend the Healthcare Trend is an important contribution 
to lowering healthcare costs and promoting individual responsibility!

Putting the Power of Consumerism At Your Fingertips

When employees have a (virtual) unlimited credit card that the employer’s insurance pays, they are insulated from understanding the cost of their healthcare choices – and often make ill-informed decisions. In a consumerism plan design, educated and informed employees make decisions that result in better health care, slow spending and reduce healthcare inflation. This translates into a climate of health and wellbeing and a dramatic savings for both consumers and employers.